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Talks – Feb, 2017

This meetup was different from previous one. Every meetup is different and unique since topics and attendees are different. This meetup was a testbed for a new format called Short Talks. Each short talk lasts for ten minutes and Q&A for five minutes. In fifteen minutes, a talk is over. We had seven such talks in Feb meetup.

Sahaj Software Solutions hosted feb meetup. Nearly 50 folks attended the meetup. The event commenced at 10:30 AM and went on til 1:00 PM.

The first talk was How TDD rescued my time by Sivasubramaniam Arunachalam. The talk showcased how TDD helped in solving a business case. The complete video is available in Periscope.

The second talk was Method Resolution Order (MRO) (for beginners and intermediates) by Arvind Padmanabhan. The crisp talk covered a couple of examples of multiple inheritances and a linear pattern against the diamond pattern. The complete video is available in Periscope and slides in

The third talk was Lazy evaluation in Python by Rahul. Rahul showed us how iterator protocol works and being lazy he overshot the allocated time. The complete video is available in Periscope and slides in SlideShare.

The fourth talk was Data Visualisation in Python - An Overview of Libraries for Data Science by Amit Kapoor. Amit gave a short and high-level overview of Python visualization libraries. The complete video is available in Periscope and slides at SlideShare.

The fifth talk was Getting started with Python decorators by Choudhary Sourya Vatsyayan. The talk gave a quick introduction to decorators, how it works and things to keep in mind while using them. The complete video is available in YouTube and slides at

The sixth talk was My Favorite Python 3.6 features by Kracekumar. The talk showed new exciting features like f-strings, async comprehensions, and underscores in numeric literals. The complete video is available in Youtube and slides at

Out of no blue, Chillar Anand came up with the talk, Super Charge Your Shell For Python Development. The talk covered handy shortcuts and tricks for the shell. The complete video is available in Youtube.

The audience were positive, and the format was appreciated.

See you at the next meetup!