The Bangalore Python User Group

December 2014 Dev Sprint report

The December BangPypers meetup happened at the APIGee office in Kormanagala. This time we didn't have workshops or talks but dev sprint.

The agenda was to contribute to open source projects. There were 53 participants. The event started with introduction about projects participants would like to work on. The participants were mix of beginners and experienced contributors. We had 5 mentors, Baiju, Sayan, Siva, Elvis, Krace.


Participants worked on following open source projects CPSLib, dubdubdub,
uiautomator, fedora-infra, Network Visualization, genetic-drift, nidaba, Junction, pelican-pyembed, pssi, gridic, arrow, pynsq, rpmdev-assistant, cloudlynt. The mentors helped some participants to send their first pull request!

The participants were excited to see demo by Elvis, a note/time grid that helps create small fragments of music.
Here is a list of pull requests and commits by participants (not in any order)

Comments by participants can be found in meetup page.

Big thanks for APIgee for sponsoring food and venue for the meetup and pssi for sponsoring the t-shirt. Complete photos of the event can be found in G+ page.

We also have a mailing list where discussion happens about Python.