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Feb 2015 bangpypers talk report

The February BangPypers talks happened at the Grofers, attended by 70 participants. This is the first time Grofers hosted us.

First talk was Deploying a simple Django application with nginx and uwsgi on a Ubuntu server by Jagadish. Talk covered uWSGI configuration, advantage of using virtualenv, emperor mode and other key aspects of uWSGI.

Second talk was Analysing public health care of India by Unnati Team, Nischal HP and Raghotham S. Talk was centered on health care data available for Nilgris District and Chennai District from The session was interactive and lot of data related discussion sprout up. Audience interacted with speakers after talk for long time.

Third talk was Introduction to collections module by Sasidhar. Talk covered collection modules features like namedtuple, dequeue, Counter, OrderedDict, defaultdict with lot of examples. These are very handy features and used quite often.

Final talk was Dealing with Django CSRF in SPA by Akshay. This was flash talk and he covered how to handle scenairo when cookies weren't set in request.

Please take a minute to share your feedback to us in the form. Feel free to send us your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks for all participanst, speakers and Grofers for hosting us.

January 2016 Salt stack workshop report

We kickstarted this year's meetup with salt stack workshop at mavenhive technologies. There were 23 participants.

Ram took the session. He started with what is devops, why we need dev ops and various tools available for devops.

Then he explained about salt stack, master, minion, grains, pillars, modules e.t.c and how to automate configuration management on multiple servers.

There was a break for about 10 minutes.

After resuming from break, participants then tried to deploy a web app (Junction) to a virtual machine using saltstack. There were questions about grains, pillars from participants and Ram explained clarified about them.

Here are few pictures from the meetup.




Thanks Ram for taking the session and Mavenhive for hosting us.

December 2015 Dev Sprint report

The December BangPypers Dev Sprint happened at the [AdNear][] office in Kormanagala.

Dev sprint started around 10 O Clock. The agenda was to contribute to open source projects. There were 30 participants. The event started with introduction about Python open source projects and participants.

Junction, Wye and Presentations360 were the three projects for dev sprint.

[Krace Kumar][] and [Anand][] mentored for Junction, Shanki mentored for Wye and Ramaseshan mentored for Presentations360.

Event winded up at 4 O clock.

Here are few pull requests which are merged.

There were few more issues where participants started but were unable to
send the pull request.

Here are a few snaps from dev sprint




More photos are available at meetup page.

Thanks for AdNear for offering the space, food, snacks.
Thanks to mentors for helping participants with their first contributions.
Thanks to participants for making their contributions to open source.

We also have a mailing list, slack chanel where discussion happens about Python.

November talks 2015 meetup report

The November BangPypers talks happened at the Aerospike in Ejipura. 35 people attended the event. We had 4 talks, commenced at 10:30 AM.

First talk was Android UI test automation by RajaniKanth Reddy. Talk was about uiautomator features, integration with pytest and ease of use.

First Talk

Second talk was Interacting excel files with Python xlrd module by Mahtab Alam. This was crisp talk covered, Reading multiple excel files, aggregating results and reporting the aggregate results.

Second Talk

Third talk was Python coding standards (PEP8/PEP257) by Sharad Singla. Talk focused on writing good, maintable doc string and adhering to PEP 8 standards with pointers.

Third Talk

Final talk was Pandas Data Frames by Sasidhar. Sasidhar spoke about data frames, visualizing data and inbuilt capabilities of Pandas using Mutual fund data.
Here is the link to presentation.

Fourth Talk

Thanks to speakers, participants for making meetup awesome and Aerospike for hosting the event.

November 2015 Workshop report

What a great turnout! 133 people attended Python 101 workshop. Most number of participants in the history of Bangpypers.

The November Bangpypers workshop happened at the Juniper Networks office in Kadubeesinahalli. The session started at 10:30AM and concluded around 4:30PM.

Shrishty, Nitin came forward to take workshop. Siva, Vignesh, Anurag, Janki, Madhu, Priyal Jain, Deborah Digges, Kracekumar and Anand were volunteers for the session.

Before beginning session, volunteers helped participants with installation of python. Shrishty started morning session by explaning about python interpreter and various cli options available for it. Afterwards she expained about basic things like arthimetic, variables, strings. Later she expained about python data structures(tuples, dictionaries, lists), various operations on data structures and when to use which one.

There was lunch break around 1:00pm. Juniper networks sponsored lunch. After lunch, workshop resumed around 2:00pm.

Nitin started off session with control flows. He expained about control flows, showed some examples and asked participants to solve some problems. Afterwards he expained about functions, various inbuilt functions. Then he teached about file handling. Later he expained about object oriented programming, classes, inheritance.

Entire workshop was very interactive with lots of interesting questions from participants and speakers explanation about them.

In the end, Shiva & Krace kumar took live feedback from participants and answered many questions. Thanks Juniper Networks for hosting us.

Here are a few snapshots from workshop






October 2015 meetup report

The October BangPypers talks happened at the Belong in Jeevan Bhima Nagar. 50 - 60 people attended the event on a loooong weekend, total RSVP was 96! Talks commenced at 10:15 AM.

First talks was How to use Salt Stack to create working machine from bare os by Ramaseshan. Talk covered
salt-master, minion, modules, remote executions, grains, pillars. Code sample is available in GitHub.

Second was Flash talk about PythonExpress by Shanki and Vijay. PythonExpress is platform to teach Python programming language to

Third talk was Bottle and how it helps DBA's by Darshan. This was first time Darshan speaking in meetup, audience were able to sense the excitement and happiness of finding a tool which saves time.

Final talk was Introduction to Pandas by Anand Chillar. Anand covered topics Vectorization, series, DataFrame. Lot of audience would relate ease of using Pandas while dealing with CSV files.
Here is the link to presentation.

Please take 30 seconds to fill the feedback form.

Talks concluded at 12:30 and all participants went for Lunch.

25 participants stayed back after lunch to hack on Open Source projects. Participants worked on Junction, wye, django-facebook-graph and few other pet projects. There was a git crash course.

If You're interested to give talk or a workshop, please leave comment in the meetup page.

Thanks to speakers, participants for making meetup awesome and Belong for hosting the event.

September 2015 workshop report

The September BangPypers workshop happened at the Akamai Technologies office near Bellandur.

The workshop was an introduction to data analysis. The presenters were Bargav and Amith Kapoor(

Workshop started with a brief explanation about data analysis. Later they helped participants to setup environment. They explained how to acquire data, refine it, explore data, build models and turn data into insight. They explained about various packages that are available for data analysis at various stages and particular use cases for those packages.

Content used for workshop is available here

Also there were few books available at meetup. Puneet borrowed Data Science from scrath, Shanki borrowed Two scoops of django and Anand borrowed Python for data analysis. Some free books were also distributed to participants.

Here are a few snapshots from the workshop:





Thanks to speakers, participants for making meetup awesome and Akamai Technologies for hosting the event.

If you need any help with Python or Bangpypers events, you chat with us at Bangpypers slack channel.

August 2015 workshop report

We had workshop on salt stack at RedHat office. Workshop was attended by 30 people.
Previously we had done workshop with Django, Data Visualization and this time it was on automation and configuration management. This is very niche area. We had 35 participants. Workshop had very light content. Workshop content can be found in GitHub.

Here is FB post from participant.

Thanks Saravana for taking time and RedHat for sponsoring food

August 2015 meetup report

The August BangPypers talks happened at the Blue Jeans in Prestige tech park. Nearly 50 people attended the event!

First talks was Introduction to Exception Handling by M.Tech student Janaki.


This talk covered various exceptions, why they occur, how to handle them. This talk is focused on beginners. Slides can be found here.

Second talk was Web servers - forking, pre-forking, threading, async processing by Jitendra.


This talk started with brief introduction to socket programming and then servers, forking, pre-forking, threading, async processing request. Speaker also explained the functional differences between Apache & Nginx. Slides can be found here

Third talk was Using Regular Expressions by Arvind Padmanabhan.


This talk was for beginners and entire presentation was live demo. It covered introduction to regex, basic syntax, usage of 're' module, various practical regex use cases like Django url routing, ip address matching, pitfalls with regex and when not to use regex. Code used for demo is available here.

At the end, there was a flash talk by Ram about their Product which is used for media storage management and how Python made it quite easier to build their product.


In case if You're interested to give talk or a workshop, please leave comment in the meetup page.

Thanks to speakers, participants for making meetup awesome and BlueJeans for hosting the event.

July 2015 meetup report

The July BangPypers talks happened at the LinkedIn in Prestige tech park. 82 people attended the event!

First talk was Scaling LinkedIn Infrastructure Management with Python Eco-System by Bhupendra Singh and Veerabahu Subramanian. photo1
Talk covered how monitoring, alerts are done at large scale and different libraries used.

Second talk was Avoiding common pitfalls of datetime from a webapp's perspective by Indradhanush.
Talk covered do's and don't about datetime and how to test datetime specific code. Slides can be found

Third talk was Python, Salt, BitTorrent : Cross­colo data transfer at 10GB/s by Akhil Malik.
Talk covered how LinkedIn uses torrent architecture for transfering content.
The talk was crisp, covered how saltstack is used for orchestration.

Last talk was Explore Big Data using Simple Python Code and Cloud Environment by Hari
Talk covered how to use AWS infrastructure to bring up cluster of machine and process Wikipedia dataset.
The speaker wrote small piece of python mapper and reduce program to extract the data.

In case you're interested to give talk in our next meetup,
please leave comment in the meetup page.

Kudos to participants for making the workshop great and thanks to LinkedIn for providing the space.

June 2015 workshop report

The June BangPypers workshop happened at the Akamai Technologies office near Bellandur.

The workshop was focused on getting started with machine learning using pandas, scipy, numpy, matplotlib & scikit-learn. The presenters were Bargav and Ragotham. They started workshop by explaining what is machine learning, machine learning terminology, various problems that arise in machine learning and pros, cons of various machine learning models.

After theory, they helped participants to setup environment and download sample data. After that, using pandas they have examined the sample data. Later by using scikit-learn, they showed how to classify data and how to measure the accuracy of various models.

Most of the workshop was interactive and participants asked lots of questions on the problems they had with machine learning and clarified their doubts.

Slides of workshop are here and content is available here.

Few snapshots from the workshop:



Kudos to participants for making the workshop great and thanks to Akamai Technologies for providing the space.

May 2015 meetup report

The May BangPypers workshop happened at the RedHat office in Bannerghatta Road.

The workshop was focussed on writing unit test and functional tests in Python using unittest, py.test, mock. The presenter Kracekumar started
the workshop by briefing basic command line program to create phonebook app. The application was designed to take the input from the command line
and store in Sqlite3.

Topics covered where
- How to use unittest module
- How to use py.test and why py.test
- Writing simple functions as testcases
- Using different py.test command line features
- Capturing stdout with py.test
- Setting fixtures with py.test
- Writing Test classes which py.test can pick
- Using pytest.fixture
- Running specific test module/class/function etc …
- Writing setup and teardown in pytest style
- How to mock expensive resources like network call, System Call.
- Patching modules/functions/classes.
- How to use Stubs/Fakes.

Content for the workshop is available in GitHub.

Kudos for participants making the workshop great, please take 10 seconds to fill the feedback.

Thanks for Red Hat for providing the space.

May 2015 Dev Sprint report

The May BangPypers Dev Sprint happened at the ThoughtWorks office in Kormanagala.

The agenda was to contribute to open source projects. There were 40 participants. The event started with introduction about Python open source projects and participants. The participants were mix of beginners and experienced contributors. We had 4 mentors Arun Ravindran, Sayan, Harsh Gupta, Krace.

Lot of pull requests were sent, new issues were created and learnings. Following are few

There were few more projects where participants started but were unable to
send the pull request.

Few tweets/photos by participants and mentors

Few photos are available in our meetup page.

Thanks for ThoughtWorks for offering the space, food, snacks.
Big kudos to mentors, participants to making the event fun.

We also have a mailing list where discussion happens about Python.

April 2015 Meetup report

The April BangPypers meetup happened at IBM, Domlur. This time we had 4 talks from 10:30AM to 1.10PM.

40+ people attended the talks. The first talk was about Enough iPython For Everyday Programming by Anand Reddy Pandikunta.
The talk covered various IPython features, integration with Emacs etc … There were lot of interaction from participants. Here is the link to

Second talk was by Bargava and Ragotham about plotting libraries in Python. The talk provoked lot of interesting discussions.

Third talk was by Anirudh about Basics of NLP. The slides for the talk can
found in slideshare.

Last talk was by Arun Ravindran about Emacs and Python. There were lot of Emacs users in our meetups :-)
Presentation was in org mode and markdown version.

There were lot of discussions during and after talks. Thanks for all speakers, participants and IBM for hosting the event.

March 2015 Meetup report

The March BangPypers meetup happened at ZeOmega in Banasvadi. This time we had a total of 2 talks from 10:30AM to 2.00PM.

40+ people attended the talks. The first talk was about Experience of building desktop apps with WxPython by Sayantan Bhattacharya. The talk covered various topics on WxPython and do's and don'ts.


Second talk was by Anand B Pillai about Gotchas in Python. The talk covered gotchas in floating numbers, mutable variables, class variables, instance variables, methods, functions etc … It was great interaction from participants.

This session went for two hours and workshop content can be used downloaded from here.
In case if you would like to use the material you need to seek permission from Anand.


We would like to thank ZeOmega for sponsoring the venue. Big kudos for speakers and participants.


Feburary 2015 Meetup report

The Feburary Bangpypers meetup happened at the IBM accelerator, EGL, Domlur. This time we had a total of 3 talks from 10:30AM to 12:45PM.

41 people attended the talks. The first talk Emacs as Python IDE by
Anand. The talk was walk through of different emacs packages which saves
lot of time while using Emacs. Obviously there were vim users :-). We didn't have any flame war!


Second talk was by Vinayak about Data analysis using pandas.
We had hiccup for 15 minutes with laptop, then we resumed the talk. Vinayak gave good introduction about pandas. Lot of audience actively participated in discussion about high level vs low level framework for data analysis and machine learning.


Last and final talk was about using MongoDB with PyMongo by Kushan. Talk covered what is document store, how it is different from SQL, comparison of SQL statements and MongoDB statements.


Few more photos can be found here.

We would like to thank IBM for sponsoring the venue and food. Big kudos for speakers and participants.

January 2015 Meetup report

The January Bangpypers meetup happened at the Goibibo office near Trinity Metro
Station. This time we had a total of six talks from 10:30AM to 1:15PM.

45 people attended the talks. The first talk An introduction to faster data
processing using Blaze
Bargava. The talk explained the different pros and
cons of using Blaze for data processing. The next talk Living in Farm and
Learning Python by Vaibhav. Vaibhav talked on his life at Jaaga Study and how
he leads a disciplined life and thrives to learn something new everyday.


After the break, Sushant gave a talk on Writing an Ansible Module. He started
off with a small introduction to Ansible. Later, he talked on about roles, playbooks and
tasks in Ansible and how Ansible is the perfect tool for provisioning your
servers and how easy its to get started with Ansible. The next talk was taken
by Abhishek on Heroku starter
. He gave a demonstration of a
minimalistic template he wrote for starting off with a Django project and
deploying it to Heroku.

Jaseem explained the library named
Colander. He explained the main components
of Colander - serialization, de-serialization and validation. He also demoed a
few examples on how trivial its to do validation in Colander. The last talk
was by Sriram on Robot Framework. He discussed on how to automate the
process of testing using the Robot Framework.


Thank you 2014

2014 was great year for BangPypers. We had workshops, talks and dev sprints.
Thanks for all our sponsors.
- ApiGee
- LinkedIn
- Akamai
- Intuit
- ZeOmega
- InMobi
- Bang The Table

Thanks for all our speakers and mentors
- Siva
- Haris
- Anand B Pillai
- Jaseem
- Baiju
- Sayan
- Arun
- Sanket
- Vignesh Sarma
- Elvis,
- Kracekumar.

Complete list of 2014 event details can be found in the blog.

Finally, a big thanks for all participants :-). See you all in 2015!

December 2014 Dev Sprint report

The December BangPypers meetup happened at the APIGee office in Kormanagala. This time we didn't have workshops or talks but dev sprint.

The agenda was to contribute to open source projects. There were 53 participants. The event started with introduction about projects participants would like to work on. The participants were mix of beginners and experienced contributors. We had 5 mentors, Baiju, Sayan, Siva, Elvis, Krace.


Participants worked on following open source projects CPSLib, dubdubdub,
uiautomator, fedora-infra, Network Visualization, genetic-drift, nidaba, Junction, pelican-pyembed, pssi, gridic, arrow, pynsq, rpmdev-assistant, cloudlynt. The mentors helped some participants to send their first pull request!

The participants were excited to see demo by Elvis, a note/time grid that helps create small fragments of music.
Here is a list of pull requests and commits by participants (not in any order)

Comments by participants can be found in meetup page.

Big thanks for APIgee for sponsoring food and venue for the meetup and pssi for sponsoring the t-shirt. Complete photos of the event can be found in G+ page.

We also have a mailing list where discussion happens about Python.

November 2014 Meetup report

The November BangPypers meetup happened at the Bang The Table office in Indira Nagar. Sayan and Arun facilitated the workshop. Krace helped the meetup as a volunteer.

It's been around 6 months, since we conducted Python 101 session. We felt it is good time to conduct one. Without any surprise it was very well received.

55 people attended the session.

Arun handled morning session about variables, conditions, loops, strings, functions and list.

We had a great heavy Indian lunch and Sayan resumed the session around 1.45 PM.
Sayan covered inbuilt functions, dictionary, tuples, files, class, exception handling.


We wrapped the session by 4.00 PM. Ramesh and his friend borrowed Python 101 book and Two Scoops of Django 1.6.

Find list of python resources here

Special thanks to Nandaja for being a great help in organizing the event at Bang The Table.

We also have a mailing list where discussion happens about Python.

October 2014 Meetup report

The October Bangpypers meetup happened at the InMobi office near Bellandur. Sanketsaurav facilitated the workshop. Krace helped the meetup as a volunteer.

The workshop was focussed on build REST Service using TastyPie. The workshop started at 10.25 and wen t to till 1.45. Sanket explained all the concepts required to build REST service in depth with examples.

There were about 35 participants for the workshop.

Find the content of the workshop here

Special thanks to Iliyas Shirol for being a great help in organizing the event at InMobi.

We also have a mailing list where discussion happens about Python.

August 2014 Meetup report

The August Bangpypers meetup happened at the InMobi office near Bellandur. Kracekumar facilitated the workshop. Siva helped the meetup as a volunteer. After a few initial hiccups of trying to get the projector up and running the session started around 10.30AM and concluded around 1:30PM.

The content was about what all goes into writing a web framework. It was targeted at people who already had some experience with using a framework. Starting off with the very basics oh handling a request and sending a response, the workshop was taken forward step by step.

There were about 45 participants for the workshop, one of them personally thanking Krace for all the workshops that he had done previously. Apparently after attending them and learning Python, he recently got a Python gig.

Towards the end, a copy of Two Scoops of Django and Python 101 were circulated among the participants. Some of the participants and organizers hung around to discuss about the upcoming Python India Conference and the Python Express initiative.

Find the content of the workshop here

Special thanks to Iliyas Shirol for being a great help in organizing the event at InMobi.

June 2014 Workshop report

The June Bangpypers workshop happened at the Apigee office, Koramangala. Kracekumar facilitated the workshop. Siva came forward as volunteer. The session started at 10:30AM and concluded around 1:30PM.

The workshop covered following topics

  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Composition
  • Unit Testing
  • Class methods

Find the exercises and solutions used for the workshop here:

As was the case for the past couple of meetups, 47 people attended. The workshop covered quite advanced topics like classmethods. The workshop was hands on where participants developed contact book application.

June 2014 bangpypers talk report

The June Bangpypers talk happened at the Apigee, Koramangala. After 6 months we had talks! Talks started at 3.00 PM and ended at 5.00 PM.

25 people attended the talks. There were two talks. First talk was writing better python code by Kracekumar. The talk took few badly written python code and showed how to make the code better. Talk went for 40 minutes. Second talk was What is magic methods by Vignesh sarma. This was an excellent talk covering __len__ and other magic methods. Talk went for 50 minutes.

May 2014 Meetup report

The May Bangpypers meetup happened at the Intuit office near Bellandur. Kracekumar facilitated the workshop. Haris Ibrahim K V, Sayan Chowdhury and Siva came forward as volunteers. The session started at 10:30AM and concluded around 4:30PM. Following this, we had the volunteers meeting for InPycon for which a few of the participants joined in as well.

The meetup was organized as a continuation to last month's beginner-level problem-solving Python workshop. As such, it focused on the following intermediate topics:

  • Passing functions as arguments to functions
  • Decorators
  • Introduction to classes
  • Inheritance
  • Recursion
  • Unit Testing
  • Installing third party libraries
  • Using standard library and third party libraries

Find the exercises and solutions used for the workshop here:

As was the case for the past couple of meetups, 50 people attended. The entire cafeteria got occupied and we had to pull in chairs around the area to accommodate those few who were late to join the party. Krace started off by doing a quick recap of what was covered during the last meetup. Making sure everyone was on the same page, he jumped into functions. Slowly building upon one function after the other, he hand held the crowd to be prepared for the scarier parts that were to follow.

By the time decorators came into the picture, everyone had their brains working high. After giving a quick peek, lunch was served around 1:00PM. In spite of the 1 hour lunch break, surprisingly, everyone finished off the Subway Burrito in a hurry, took a swing of the Mango Juice served along with it, and were ready by 1:30PM for the session to continue. Fed and their brain's chugging, we continued with decorators at 1:45PM.

Just before getting started, there was a special announcement. Daniel Roy Greenfeld, the co-author of Two Scoops of Django, had donated a copy of the new edition of his book to Bangpypers. We decided that the best way for the community to use the book would be to pass it on from person to person every month. Upon collectively agreeing to this norm, the book was awarded to its first keeper, Siva. Hopefully, the mantle will be passed on during each meetup from now on.

Finishing one part after the other, Krace made writing tests a parallel task from the beginning onwards. Giving a rock solid explanation on classes and its use, the workshop was concluded by 4:30PM. There were bonds strengthened, new friends made and good will spread around among the Puys all through the day. We shook hands and left, impatiently waiting for the next gathering.

April 2014 Meetup report

51 Puys! The greatest turnout yet. There was not event one chair left unoccupied in the hall. The enthusiasm of such a large crowd does give us all a hint about the demand in the industry for beginner level Python training. With the organizer, Kracekumar himself facilitating the workshop, the in-depth beginner level session was received by the crowd with much appreciation. The April Bangpypers meetup happened at the Akamai office near Bellandur. Kartik, Haris and Sayan came forward as volunteers. The session started at 10:30AM and concluded around 6:00PM.

Kicking off the workshop by getting to know the crowd better, Krace quickly got into the exercises, thereby getting everyone hands-on. The workshop was structured as a series of exercises in folder, along with their respective solutions in another. The material was shared in advance with the audience. The instructor went over each exercise (which were separated into individual files) by first demoing the concept using the Python interpreter and then letting the audience try it out within the file. You can find the course content comprising of the exercises and solutions here.

The session was riddled with questions from the participants. Being a man of patience, Krace took all of them, refined them and gave a solid explanation along with all the answers. We broke for lunch at about 1:30PM. Akamai was generous enough to sponsor huge mean boxes consisting of rice, curries, sweets and a pack of juice. We wrapped up luch by 2:30PM, at the point which Akamai gave us a short demo of their world wide service. All of us were taken into a room that resembled the cockpit of a spaceship where on a huge screen, you could see the globe rotating, having streaks of green and yellow depicting Akamai's realtime traffic, which apparently consisted of 40% of the world's!

The workshop resumed at 2:45PM, continuing from list, dictionaries, list & dictionary comprehensions to files, error handling and standard libraries. The session covered all these and went on till about 6:00PM. Although that was more than the estimated time, the audience did not have the slightest of problems with the delay, due to the excellent workshop. Krace, having imparted the best practices, basic Python knowledge as well as the idiomatic approach to writing Python code, concluded his session by pointing them at other resources which they could follow up with as exercises.

At around 6:15, all of us parted, exchanging good-byes and wishing each other to meet within another month!

March 2014 Meetup report

“Writing tests is an absolute waste of time”, some of them say.

Well, we do not think so. The March Bangpypers meetup was a hands on workshop covering TDD with Django. Just like last time, an enthusiastic crowd of 42 attended the session. It was held at the Apigee office in Koramangala. Facilitated by Siva, the session started at around 10:30AM and went on till 3:30PM. Unlike the previous sessions, Kracekumar was the only volunteer to help the participants.

The workshop started by telling everyone the importance of writing tests, the concept and theory of Test Driven Development and how it could help one tremendously while writing code. Although a bit hectic at first, it is a practice that would certainly pay off when it comes to catching the bugs in your code before it is deployed in production. The Repo and the session notes can be found here.

The session focussed on using selenium for writing functional tests and the Python unittest library for writing unit tests. As you can see from the notes, each step was implemented step by step, one at a time making sure that the crowd was following along. The functional tests were bundled in a standalone package whereas the unittests were written within the file of the newly created Django app.

The concept of writing tests for a piece of code that was not written, was quite alien to almost all the participants. “TDD is like martial arts”, stated Siva towards the end. “You cannot learn it in one day. First you have to go through all the troublesome exercises before getting to the actual kicking and punching part”.

Making voluntary, common mistakes in his code, the instructor made the participant experience newbie mistakes that anyone could make. Thereby making them think it through and finding a solution. The well laid out exercise along with the elegant presentation imparted a great deal of knowledge to the attendees.

The workshop was wrapped up by 3:30PM after which, all of us hungout a bit talking to each other about different technologies and how they compare with each other. Certain participants had a couple of doubts about the session to be clearted who stuck with Siva for a while to get everything cleared.

By 4:15, all of us were on our ways, waiting to come together once more for the next meetup!

February 2014 Meetup report

Surprisingly, the February Bangpypers meetup witnessed a whooping crowd of 46 Puys attending it. The LinkedIN office space where it was being held, had to be modified a little in order to accommodate everyone comfortably. The meetup was in the form a full-day hands on beginner level Python workshop. It was facilitated by Haris Ibrahim K. V. The agenda was to work through problems, thereby introducing and teaching Python. Kracekumar, Siva, Sayan and Souradeep came forward willingly to help the participants out whenever they had any doubt.

The workshop, which was supposed to commence at 10:00AM, got delayed by half an hour as people were pouring in one after the other. It started off by teaching everyone to fly with Python by importing 'antigravity'. After the initial gimmick was done with, the customary “Hello world” program was written, comparing it with the way it would be if this was a beginner Java or C workshop. God forbid.

The instructor used a library book storing application as an exercise that was continuously built upon during the duration of the course. He had another set of questions which were used to demonstrate and understand certain specific concepts. The audience had a mix of absolute Python beginners as well as others who had a little bit of experience using it. The willingness to learn along with their warm and friendly nature gave the gathering a pleasant atmosphere both in terms of learning Python as well as interacting during the session.

The topics covered included:
* Working with the basic data types
* Understanding Data structures well such as dictionaries, lists and tuples
* Control flow statements including if, for loop and while loop
* Writing functions and understanding parameter passing
* File IO
* A short introduction to writing classes

The workshop finished around 3:30PM. Everyone hung out for a while discussing the various areas where Python was used, the various resources to learn Python from followed by a short talk by LinkedIN on where they were using Python and how. Everyone collected the cool t-shirts LinkedIN was giving away and parted, looking forward to the next meetup.

January 2014 Meetup report

Django unchained!

The January Bangpypers meetup happened at the Apigee office. The organizers, as a part of trying to improvise and improve the quality of the meetups, decided to do a full day session on using the Python Django framework. The trio of Siva, Sayan and Haris were burdened with the responsibility of preparing the content and delivering the workshop. Siva put forward the idea of doing the tutorial in a step by step manner. He created the tutorial content on GitHub with a branch for each step. Find the repo here. Kartik accompanied the team to help out the participants.


The workshop commenced at 10:30AM with around 25 participants.

Sayan kicked off by introducing Django, its features and its structure. He further dived down deep into describing the various settings as well sa workflow possible thereby imparting a solid structure to the participants. He wound up his instroductory session at around 11.15AM.

Next up, it was Haris who had to handle the first and second tutorials. Enlightening the crowd with the customary “Hello World” application, he started by explaining how the different parts of a Django project tied together. He explained and demonstrated by giving a hands on session regarding writing a “Hello World” app. He presented both the approach of directly returning a response as well as using a template in order to render the HTML. He finished off his session in about an hour.

Just before lunch break, Siva took the stage and introduced the flow and structure of the third tutorial. Once everyone got the idea of what was coming, the gathering took a break for lunch at 1:00PM and had some awesome pizzas sposored by Apigee. Everyone got back together at 1:45PM and the session commenced. He had explained each step of his tutorial one by one in this gist. This helped the participants a lot in terms of getting together their bearings once things went too far for them to follow.

Demoing and giving a hands on workshop covering each step one by one, he imparted a clear view of how Django worked, how they could do useful things and how to carry it on forward. The concept of views, forms, models, templating engine, MVT as well validation were covered with simple but non-trivial examples. He concluded his session by 3.15PM by giving a few advices on best practices to follow.

Sayan again took the stage in order to explain in detail the admin features as well about the templating. He went on explaining about how the admin would automatically generate fields for all the models written in a particular Django project to how the templating engine works. Its capabilities, features and best practices of using it. He finished off the last part around 4.315PM.

By this time, the audience were really interested to know more about and around the Python community. They had been really interactive during the workshop, following each line, asking doubts and making sure they learnt whatver was being taught. Towards the end, questions, both related to Django as well as Python started pouring in. It was a wonderful time where the instructors as well as [Krace][], the main organizer, addressed each of their queries one by one.

Questions regarding flask v/s Django, Django ORM, static files, templating engine, deployment, learning curve and a lot more were asked and discussed. The meeting was adjourned at 5PM and everyone parted to their own ways after exchanging good byes.

December 2013 Meetup report

The December Bangpypers meetup happened at the ThoughtWorks office. Instead of just the usual 3 hour meetup, this time, we had a beginner level Python workshop in the morning which almost the same number of people attended.


The workshop commenced at 10:00AM and was facilitated by Sayan. After introudcing Python, he dived deeper into it with hands on exercises for basic strings, data structures and conditions. The session was very interactive and it came to and end at 1:45PM. Find his slides below:


After finishing the workshop as well as lunch, everyone gathered back at the TW hall around 3PM and the sessions started at around 3:20PM.

The sessions kicked off with Kracekumar's introduction to iPython. He started off by explaining the various difficulties that users face while fiddling around with the normal Python shell, multiline editing being the major bottle neck. He went one explaining the myriad of features that came with iPython that helped make life much easier.
Auto-completion, iPython notebook, running system command from within the interpreter, getting help for the objects, and ended with displaying nbviewer, where you could share your iPython notebooks as gists. You can find his notebook here.

Next up was Shoaib Najeeb with his talk on using Cassandra from Pycassa. It was quite an elaborate talk where he started right from the basics explaining the NoSQL database layout contrasting it with the RDBMS ones. After having gotten everyone on the same page with the Cassandra basics, he then moved onto explaining the CAP theorem as well as the configuration required on Pycassa to get it up and running. The session was extremely interactive where he was bombarded with questions, all of which he replied to to the best of his knowledge. As time was running out, leaving his audience thirsty for more, he concluded his session by 5:40PM. The link to his presentation will be updated soon.

To end the day's fireworks, we had Fayaz presenting his session on logging. He started off from the basics, explaining the need for logging in any project that was going into production. Moving forward by sharing some of his insights into the best practices of using logging, he introduced various features that came with the library. He also mentioned some useful utilities such as the Redis Handler, the FingersCrossedHandler as well as the TicketingHandler. Having convinced his audience to go back and get started with logging, he wound up his session by 6:15PM, thereby bringing the meetup to an end. His presentation shall be shared soon.

Thanks to everyone who attended and let's keep the ball rolling folks!

December 2013 Meetup

December Bangpypers will be held at ThoughtWorks office. This time we are taking new initiative for workshops.

Next few months we are planning to have workshops, tutorials in the morning and talks in the afternoon. RSVP here.



  1. Introduction to Python - Beginner level - 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM by Sayan.

Please install 2.7.x (not 3.x) in your laptop.


Talks: (3:00 - 5:00 PM)

  1. Introduction to IPython - Beginner level - Kracekumar - 30 minutes.

  2. Intro Pycassa - Shoaib

    This talk will start with a high level introduction to Cassandra and its data model. A major portion of the talk will be used for understanding Pycassa, the python client library for Cassandra and exploring various pycassa methods for interacting with the Cassandra data model.

  3. Logging and error reporting for fairly large projects - Fayaz.

November 2013 Meetup report

November Bangpypers held at ThoughtWorks office. 15 people attended the meetup.


Kracekumar gave talk about creating python project skeleton.

Saurabh gave a talk about using docopt. It was lucid and clean explanation.

Kracekumar gave talk Django vs Flask.

Shantnu gave a lighting talk about graphite.

Kracekumar also gave a lighting talk about how to use ipython to write blog post.

July 2013 Meetup Videos

July Bangpypers held at Google office. 50 people attended the meetup. There was lot of discussion and crowd
was fantastic. We were unable to have Django logging talk by Siva which will be continued in next month meetup.


Anand gave talk about Python 3 features.

Saurabh was supposed to give a flash talk about decorators but it ended up being full length 38 mins talk.

Lakshman gave a talk about using IPython and Pandas for analysing what Head Phone to buy. He also wrote a medium post about it.

May Meetup

Bangpypers may meetup was be held on 18th, May 2013 in [Alphalabs][] JP Nagar .


  1. Introduction to map/reduce by Anand.

  2. Run Python in browser by Kracekumar.

    Run python in browser is talk about how to run python in browser without sending request to server.Empythoned is a project that converts CPython to LLVM bitcode and emscripten converts LLVM bitcode to javascript. Here is the code used in demo, feel free to contact kracekumar for further details.

  3. Experience in writing Python to Javascript compiler - pyjs by Anand

    This talk also featured in Pycon India 2011.

You can subscribe to mailing list, meetup page, facebook page, youtube channel.

Bangpypers group expertise & interest poll

I have created poll to have better understanding of bangpypers meetup group expertise level, as co-organizer of the group it helps me to tell to speaker about audience level and expertise. It helps them to tune to audience level with relevant examples, talk content.

Please cast the vote in the following polls.

In case you have any other suggestions please write back to me

March Meetup Report

Bangpypers march meetup was held on 23rd, March 2013 in FSMK office in

FSMK Office
No. 121/17, 1st Floor, 6th main, 14th Cross, 
Wilson garden, Bengaluru - 560030

from 2.00PM to 4.30PM, 25 people gathered.

Siva gave session how to get started with Django web development, showed a
demo how to create a todo list using Django admin interface.

There was one lightning talk by Arun about his
experience of using python standard library to scrape internal live journal

During recording audio input was mistakenly connected to audio output of
the lecture recorder, as a result audio for Siva's session was lost.
Unfortunately camera backup of the video was delayed in recording and only
speaker face was focused, as a result video is now unusable. Sorry :-(.

March Meetup

Bangpypers march meetup will be held on 23rd, March 2013 in FSMK office in

FSMK Office
No. 121/17, 1st Floor, 6th main, 14th Cross, 
Wilson garden, Bengaluru - 560030

from 2.00PM to 5.00PM.


  1. Introduction to Django by Siva
  2. Lighting talks(Anyone can present) about Python Tools, internals, frameworks, third party libraries.


  1. Kracekumar Ramaraju: 8553029521 - Bangpypers Coordinator
  2. Shaiju: 8892324346 - FSMK Volunteer

February Meetup Videos

Jonathan Toomim gave talk about his HEG/near-infrared spectroscopy work.

One more talk was about IronWASP - security tool which is written in C#, and it is usable with IronPython.

Two lighting talks, one about bpython and other about python editors.

25 people attended meetup in CIS.

January Meetup Videos

Anand gave talk about 15+ people attended the session. The video is 1:34 hours.

We didn't have time for lighting talks.

December Meetup Videos

Anand gave talk about implementing python interpreter as part of PLOnlineCourse. The talk is of two parts.

Bangpypers has a playlist in for all meetup videos.

January Bangpypers Meetup

January BangPypers meetup will be held on 19th, January in CIS, Domlur. RSVP


Centre for Internet and Society
No 194, 2nd C Cross, 4th Main
Opp. Domlur Club, Domlur 2nd Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka – 560 071
Ph: 85530-29521

Meetup will start at 3:00 PM.


  1. Introduction to - Anand
  2. Lighting talks.

After the meetup, interested people can join aaronsw memorial hacknight.

December Bangpypers Meetup

December BangPypers meetup will be held on 15th, December in learnstreet office. RSVP


26,Second Floor,Zam Zam Center,
Infantry Road, Bangalore,
Karnataka - 560001, India.
Phone:  +91 80-22861869
Fax: +91 80-22861869 

Meetup will start at 3:00 PM.


  1. Experience in implementing Python Interpreter as part of PLOnlineCourse - Anand

In case any one want to have discussion about particular topic it is welcome. Feel free to leave a comment.


Attended by roughly 15 people.

At 17:30, Anand completed his presentation on his interpreter.

Started a discussion on the website. The points that came up are.


  1. Conduct community projects - Bangpypers can spearhead projects which the local user group can work on.

Site suggestions

  1. Root the blog at and then by date e.g. This entry would be
  2. We need a subscribe link on the website.
  3. We need an embedded “recent Bangpypers mail threads” widget on the site.
  4. Design love. The site needs a lot of of design love. There were some suggestions from the audience. The plan is for the interested parties (Sidharth) to send mockups to the mailing list.
  5. We need a college catalogue (like the Pune company catalogue).
  6. We need a member roster.
  7. Take appropriate steps to rename the @pyconindia twitter account and use @pythonindia for all notifications of user group meetups and everything else.

November Bangpypers Meetup

November BangPypers meetup was in InfoToros office, JP nagar on 24th.

There were 10 ten people and there were two talks.

We had mix of audience beginners, intermediate, advanced.

Baiju gave Introduction about python usage, history, comparision for 7 minutes. Video is uploaded in Youtube channel.

There was another talk by Nandhakumar about django_social_auth experience around 1 hour. Here is the video.

Bangpypers has a youtube playlist, please share the info.